Land(e)scapes 2020
From a deep connection with Mother Earth, her (bio)diversity and the beautiful memories during various walks and adventurous treks in a time before Corona, I now create imaginary intuitive abstract land/sea/plant/urban/(E)scapes during this lockdown period. 
The combination of impressions around me and the inner experience during my painting proces, provides an enormous creative freedom, away from the many current negative influences nowadays. I create imaginary landscapes in a random pallet - I sketch/paint with spontaneous bold vivid colours and textures, intuitively on paper and canvas, using acrylics, oils, charcoal, graphite, markers and pencils, digital tools.
Abstract views of the world - form forces from nature landscapes in (e)motion - everything is changeable and relative
I’m mostly inspired by nature, with all it different shapes, colors, surfaces, colluvial and alluvial brown earths… I love the variety of eroded landscapes, vulcanons, valleys and their untouched natural flow.
I paint layers by layers to discover imaginary utopic bold colorful energetic land(e)scapes or ... is it an unspoiled INNER discovery?
Anyway a tribute to Mother Earth!
Land(e)scape A530820
Land(e)scapes A681120
Land(e)scapes A500820
Land(e)scapes - sketches 2020
Land(e)scapes 2018
Serie abstract paintings on wood - 2018

Serie of acrylic intuitive paintings inspired by exploring nature & urban environment - expo in gallery, 2018

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