ADOBE "The 5th Scream - Hidden Treasures of Creativity"
MunchContest July 2017
This is my entry for the Adobe Contest "The 5th Scream - Hidden Treasures of Creativity", using Munch's original brushes by Kyle T. Webster for Adobe. The first time I use these brushes. It was a new and fantastic challenge for me ;-)

This digital painting is based on 2 sketches I've painted a few months ago with Chinese ink, acrylic on a Belgian beer coaster.
I've used all the free Kyle's brushes on different layers: first I've started the background. The background is partly based on the colors of the real Munch painting and it refers to nature in distress, disorder, danger. Then I've made a digital rough sketch of the face to end with the body: a screaming face of a man on a female body (part human, part animal) with a lot of emotions (fear, anger, aggression ...) Men and women are different but equal to me. Fear is a natural emotion not only by human but also by animals.

Tools: MacBook Pro, Photoshop CC, Wacomtablet Intuos3 / original format A3, 300 dpi
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